Non-governmental organization


A language and wellbeing centre providing employment and vital services to refugees. Empowering personal growth, resilience, and community integration.


Massages and reflexology services

Our values

To uphold our integrity through transparency and accountability.
To nurture all employees, service users, spaces and relationships.
To express gratitude in our activities, actions and words.

Our vision

We empower by providing high quality language courses, wellbeing events, therapeutic services and nurturing community spaces. We employ teachers, therapists and other professionals from war zones and provide vital services free of charge to refugees. We offer premium services to the general public, members, businesses, and schools. You are empowering communities and supporting integration by choosing our services.

how can you empower us?

1. financially

We estimate our initial costs for the first 6 months of operation, including employee wages to be approximately 55,000 Euros. Six months will give us time to secure funding from other sustainable sources such as EU grants and government subsidies. In the meantime, every donation empowers us to provide these vital services.

Thank you for your generosity and empowerment.

Donate to our transparent account

IBAN: CZ75 0300 0000 0003 0842 4109

#ForThePriceOfACoffee you empower us to employ 8 Ukrainian Teachers to offer lessons to over 600 Ukrainian people.

2. with items

Would you like to support us with items crucial to providing language courses, trauma therapy, wellbeing services, and a cafe?


We offer a business membership programme that includes specialist training in the field of resilience, leadership, and excellence.


English language fund-raising event for schools

Choose us because #WeEmpowerSchoolsforUkraine.

This English language fund-raising event is perfect for your school activity day. We will provide games, yoga, and meditation for your school to be the empowering force that changes people’s lives. 

Translation services, language lessons and courses

 Choose us for your
WeEmpowerCommunication needs.

Our professional translation services, language lessons and courses are available in Czech, English, and Ukrainian for you or your company.

Massage and

Choose us because #WeEmpowerHealingWithHeart

Our qualified experts offer deep massage and reflexology at our centre in Zizkov – 1000 CZK per hour.  Book your blissful session now.

Email us at to book this service.

Where to find us?

We are located at Borivojova 86, Zizkov.  Please ring the bell Empowering to open the door. Our building is in the courtyard. When entering the premises, please follow the rules.

Contact us

Lisa Cunniff
+420 777 939 840

Tereza Goldamerova
+420 608 279 549

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