Balance amidst chaos

Nurturing Wellbeing

There have been several days throughout this journey where tears have been appropriate, and several times where our own lack of self-care has pushed us over the edge to laying in a crumpled pile of blankets.  Crying shortly before a significant event that required us to be at our best, is proving to be a successful release, although it doesn’t feel like it at the time. .  This is the way of such things.  Despite the challenges of starting and running an NGO, we have much to be grateful for, and are reminded of this daily in our interactions with Ukrainian people. We are learning to navigate the peaks and troughs.  What helps us every time is a short Qi-Gong video by Marissa called Mood Lifter.  It’s so simple and yet after 15 mins we feel like balance has returned.  We have also committed to each other that we can be held accountable for creating space for personal practice in our relationship and in our working lives.  This has done wonders for our wellbeing and our relationships at one of the most pressured and intense times of our lives.   My choice of exercise for the last year, as my go to practice, has been a Kundalini Yoga set called Green Energy and Opportunity.  Whilst I don’t follow Kamilla myself, I am aware that her videos are very good and maybe you will enjoy her approach to wellness.