Resilience and Wellbeing for Schools

Nurturing Wellbeing

Wellbeing for Schools

There is a pandemic of mental health problems amongst people of all ages but a shocking and incredibly high increase has been seen in children. This has been studied across many western countries and the outcome is the same.  Depression, anxiety, self-harming, eating disorders and suicidal tendencies are now prevalent in school-aged children and parents and teachers are facing new challenges with behaviour, motivation and care for their students. 

Whilst teachers are not expected to directly resolve such problems, there is a significant lack of support due to strains on waiting lists for psychologists and psychiatrists leaving teachers and parents to navigate this new terrain.  The numbers of students involved means this is a societal concern and a holistic approach is required to solve the immediate crisis whilst working towards resolution of the causes. 

Resilience and Wellbeing Event Days will be offered in schools for children to learn a toolkit that addresses mental health challenges.  This will also bring awareness to teachers of the possibilities available to them in their classrooms and training days will be offered to progressive schools who are readily engaged in supportive learning to teach teachers how to introduce mental health tools into their daily routines in class.

When we began to discuss this program with parents and teachers, we were astonished at the stories and responses, confirming the pandemic and its tangible effects.  We feel honoured and deeply motivated to be in a position to empower change and assistance with such delicate and intricate problems.  Our lives have perfectly positioned us to know and have experience with the steps necessary for increasing resilience and reducing depression.  We understand the great responsibility that our schools now face in reducing stress for children and share the desire to be part of the solution.   

The profits from these events will go directly towards a range of empowering language and wellbeing services for Ukrainians and vulnerable communities.