6 months of Empowering

6 months of Empowering

Whilst the NGO was official from a later date, we certainly started the project from the moment we drove to Ukraine in March 2022. So what have we achieved in 6 months? Quite a mixed bag in all honesty. We created everything necessary to offer great integration and language services but hit a big obstacle. […]

Thanks to Michael and our students

It is with a grateful heart that we reflect on the last few weeks of operations at Empowering. In June, we had a very generous donation from Michael Stevens  of 143,000czk (£5000) which enabled the continued employment of Alina, Olena, Ellen, Viktoria and Liuba who make up our team of teachers and an administrator to […]

The Story of How Community Created Empowering

The creation of Empowering has been made possible by friends, colleagues and a community with an unstoppable sense of purpose. It began after Sophie and I drove 8000 km over a 3 week period to bring 34 Ukrainian people, together with their cats and dogs, from the Ubla and Uzhgorod borders with Slovakia.  We were […]