We wish to celebrate and thank Insighters s.r.o.

General Information

From day 1 of our journey towards empowering, we have received the most incredible support from the CEO; Tomas Stanek and his team. They have empowered us with a donation of 50,000 CZK, a brand ID, a website, and a team of inspiring and helpful people who are a joy to work with. I have been their English teacher for almost a year now and felt insistently open to working with them on deep topics and transformational content.  It has been the greatest pleasure and inspiration to see how the company attracts, develops, and supports creative people towards their own developmental goals and aspirations. They have now opened their hearts and done the same for us.

It was great to finally meet people I have only known via online lessons. We had fun when they volunteered as decorators for a team-building exercise and helped cover 2000m2 of the wall with 7 coats of white paint. No easy feat without an organized team and we were left in awe as they met the challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism. Members of the team also reached out to their professional network who gave us paint via Akzo Nobel and grant application support via Enovation. They also supplied us with a photographer for 3 events and continue to amaze us with their generosity and kind-hearted nature.

We chose the name empowering based on our values but truly, it is Insighters who empowered us into existence.  We consider it a miracle to have had so much support from one company.  We are incredibly grateful to have taken these magical steps side by side to deliver much-needed services and look forward to our continued cooperation as we make Insighters an honorary member of Empowering and offer 3 specialist training days for 22 of their employees.