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Choose us because #WeEmpowerResilience, #WeEmpowerLeadership, #WeEmpowerExcellence.

By choosing our membership program you will enter a mutual empowerment agreement with us. You will be the empowering force that changes people’s lives.

Your annual membership empowers you with specialist transformational and developmental training that helps to prevent employee  ‘burnout’ and  achieves your CSR Goals whilst engaging in team building events.  It empowers us to offer employment and language and wellbeing  services to the people of Ukraine.

Our business membership program includes




The goal of this training is to thrive with vitality, efficiency, and effectiveness in a sustainable and consistent manner.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and conscious communication in professional relationships to achieve comfortable states of happiness and health for long-term wellbeing.

This dynamic and deeply transformational training can be offered as a 1-day intro or a 3-day mastery taken over a 6 month period.

Lisa Marie Cunniff
MD and Founder of Empowering, English Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Consultant.
  • Negative self talk and belittling beliefs and how to overcome them. 
  • The effects of stress and chronic stress on the autonomic nervous system and ways to improve health, relaxation and stress management to achieve emotional agility.
  • How to master effective self care and development and to reinforce positive habits. 
  • How to evaluate and maintain work-life balance.
  • Build physical flexibility and resilience through movement.  
  • Explore the latest findings in neuroscience on relaxation and meditation and their effects on health and wellbeing.  Learn new techniques for managing and sustaining healthy states of being.
  • Mental, emotional and physical resilience assessments and action plans. 
  • Explore and develop conscious communication strategies and conflict resolution.
  • Discuss the impact of criticism on behavior and explore how to reframe constructive criticism for passionate and dedicated self development.
  • Explore confidence and embodied communication techniques for a powerful leadership presence. 
  • Practice conscious communication and improved listening skills.  
  • Create goals, action plans and strategies to maintain resilience.

2. exploration of leadership potential

#WeEmpowerLeadership (With Lightsabers) 

Most leadership training happens from the neck up. Yet the qualities that make a leader are embodied. Be it presence, awareness, interpersonal competence or charisma that cannot be accessed intellectually, or expressed if we treat the body as a brain-taxi.

Sebastien Martineau Sensei, Itchikai School of Aikido, Founding Member and visiting fellow at Prague Lightsaber Academy, Global People Development Director at Vendavo.

In this fun and active training we focus inwards and give leaders the tools they need to increase their embodied intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, other-awareness, other-influence) for sustainable high leadership performance, through the medium of LIGHTSABER FENCING.

  • The impact of the body on learning and performance.
  • The importance of embodied intelligence in leadership and communication.
  • The 4 elements personality model:
    Self-awareness, how to develop greater embodied awareness, presence and focus.
    Self-regulation, embodied stress and state management techniques.
    Other-awareness, understanding others through their embodiment.
    Other-influence, having impact through embodiment on relational and leadership outcomes.
  • Some very cool ways of waving a lightsaber around.



The drivers of excellence are the same as the drivers of well-being.

Sebastien Martineau Sensei, Itchikai School of Aikido, Founding Member and visiting fellow at Prague Lightsaber Academy, Global People Development Director at Vendavo.

This entertaining and engaging workshop uses the Havard Business School “Corporate Athlete” model and the “Tree of Life” process, an adaptation of Bloom Company’s Happiness Tree, to help participants design and sustain their well-being and excellence in performance.

  • The science and drivers of wellbeing and high performance.
  • Greater self-awareness and work-life balance.
  • To map your strengths and values and how to use them to sustain well-being and performance.
  • A concrete action plan to develop excellence and wellbeing.

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